Do you remember when Hostess suspended Twinkie productions in 2012?  Twinkie lovers did everything they could to buy every Twinkie left on store shelves.  Now, Hostess is manufacturing a cereal that will allow people to eat Twinkies bright and early.

According to CNN Business, "Post (POST) is partnering with Hostess to turn the 90-year-old treat into a cereal that will be available nationwide in late December." This cereal will look and taste like an actual Twinkie.  You can choose to enjoy this tasty breakfast with or without milk, (I know that's a bit shocking).  The CNN Business article states that "Josh Jans, Post's brand manager of cereal partnerships, said the company conducted 'multiple consumer tests' to nail down the sweet flavor of Twinkies, which are cream-filled yellow sponge cakes."

I'll be the first to admit that I am not the biggest Twinkie fan on the planet.  Furthermore, I would never even think to consume so much sugar in the early hours of the day!

Are you going to try the Twinkies cereal for breakfast?

Source: CNN Business

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