Country Music legend Merle Haggard once sang 'I wish Coke was still cola and a joint just a bad place to be'.

We live in an ever-changing world of words.

And not only changing meaning's of words, but we've lost words and phrases through the years as well. Heck, in high school I drove a 'stick shift' that had a 'three on the tree'. I'd slap in an 'eight track' and crank it up!

My Dad would talk about taking the 'Biscayne' down the 'oil road' to town.

And my Uncle loved catfish. Apparently if he were around today, he wouldn't want to be 'catfished' at all!

Gotta say, at my advanced age, I am 'uber' confused by it all!


  • Once Upon A Time It Meant: To an extreme or excessive degree.
  • Today it Means: An easy way to get to your friend’s house party, using a car service.


  • Once Upon A Time It Meant: A fish with whiskers.
  • Today it Means: A person who pretends to be someone else online


  • Once Upon A Time It Meant: Letters in the alphabet
  • Today it Means: Throw Back Thursday, posting older pictures of you on one of the social media pages


  • Once Upon A Time It Meant: The chirp of a small bird.
  • Today it Means: A Twitter post limited to 140 characters. So, basically human chirps.


  • Once Upon A Time It Meant: To come after in time or order.
  • Today it Means: To make a pledge to care about someone’s tweets.

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