An appearance on "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives" can do wonders for business. Just ask several South Dakota restaurants who recently made it on the nationally televised food network show.

Dakota News Now is reporting that all the South Dakota restaurants that made it on the popular TV show are now doing booming business thanks to the notoriety they received from being on Guy Fieri's program.

The owners from the restaurants who made an appearance on the triple d’s show all said they were very proud their business was chosen to represent South Dakota on the show.

Omar Thornton, the owner of  "O So Good" in Garretson told Dakota News Now, he was excited to get the chance to appear on the show, as it is one of his favorite shows on the Food Network channel. Thornton said, "I think I’ve watched, if you’re counting the night premiered, probably three times total. We had to watch it a second time because the night it premiered it was so noisy in here, we couldn’t hear. We couldn’t hear there was cheering and laughing and just yelling out.”

Another restaurant, Lalibela here in Sioux Falls, is also experiencing a surge in traffic.

Mulugeta Endayahu, owner of Lalibela, told Dakota News Now, “We see a lot of new people and we ask them, we see the show that’s why we came here, and you deserve to be on the show because of its good food."

The two area restaurants have seen a marked increase in business, which can be attributed to the exposure they received from being on "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives."

If you would like to try the delicious food that these restaurants have to offer, both owners highly recommend you make a reservation to ensure you're able to get a table.

Source: Dakota News Now

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