People in the Sioux Empire are more than likely taking extra health precautions due to COVID-19, including washing their hands more frequently and carrying hand sanitizer.  That being said, how can you strengthen your immune system?

Web MD lists the top eight ways you can stay healthy especially during this global pandemic.  All of these tips are valid recommendations, however, I am identifying those that I believe are the most important regimes needed to take care of your body.

Number one: Eat plenty of fruits, protein, whole grains and vegetables.

  • Nutritious food is the best source of energy for you.  Breakfast alone helps kick-start your metabolism.

Number two: Get enough sleep.

  • I personally follow a very strict bedtime routine.  I always have.  Getting a good night's rest helps your body recharge for the next day.  You also won't be as cranky in the morning.

Number three: Get at least 30 minutes of exercise (ideally) 5 times a week.

  • Given the current situation, most gyms may not be open.  However, the bike trails in Sioux Falls are still available for you to utilize!  Not many people are outside during this time of year, therefore this could be a logical way to simultaneously exercise and practice social distancing.

For more ways to maintain and support your immune system, click here!  Be well and take care of yourself and one another.

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