Christmas 1970 was a very good time. You were getting great gifts for Christmas...and you were introduced to a super cool dude at the movies.

His name was Trinity. And the movie he was in was called 'They Call Me Trinity'. And after it's release in December of 1970, Trinity was a guy we all fell in love with.

Popularly called a 'spaghetti western', this wasn't the John Wayne western's your daddy was used to. Nope.

Trinity was a whole different kind of cowboy.

Essentially, the movie is about Trinity and his brother Bambino (Trinity calls him baby) and their, ah, adventures in the old west. Rogues? Rustlers? Cheats? Scammers? Ne'er-Do-Wells? Yep, they were all of those, but with a good heart, if you can believe it. From playing poker to romancing the ladies to swindling just about anybody and everybody, the brothers were a huge box office hit.

In fact, the movie spawned a sequel...and what would that be called? Well, 'Trinity Is Still My Name', of course!

Trinity was portrayed to perfection by actor Terrence Hill, now 80 years old. Brother Bambino was portrayed (again, excellently) by actor Bud Spencer, who passed away in 2016 at the age of 86..

In case you're not familiar with Trinity, here's a taste of their work below.

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