I'm not sure I've ever met a country music fan who wasn't also a fan of Sawyer Brown. The band got its start in the early '80s and is still entertaining the masses nearly 40 years later. In honor of Sawyer Brown coming to the Mitchell Corn Palace Festival next week, here are five of their absolute best tunes.

Step That Step, 1985: The band's first number-one single and a fan favorite. This was just the beginning of Sawyer Brown's dominance on the country charts. Plus, who doesn't love to reminisce on these great hairstyles from the '80s?

The Race Is On, 1989: Remaking a song that's already reached legendary status doesn't always work out for the best. George Jones made it a hit first in 1964. 25 years later, Sawyer Brown took it all the way to number 5 on the Country Charts.

Some Girls Do, 1992: Arguably the biggest hit of the band's career and the second single off The Dirt Road. It went to number one on the U.S. Country Charts and hit number three up in Canada.

Thank God For You, 1993: Another number one hit for the band. This one comes off their 1993 Outskirts of Town album. The music video above is well worth watching. You can tell the band wasn't given the biggest budget, but they make the best of it and have some fun in the process.

Six Days On The Road, 1997: This one was originally a hit for country artist, Dave Dudley in 1963. Sawyer Brown took it to number 13 and it's a song that still gets heavy airplay on most country radio stations to this day.

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