It's been announced that Lady Gaga is going to be performing the National Anthem at Super Bowl 50.

It's almost universally accepted that singing the National Anthem at any event is a difficult process for performers.

But some performances stand out as worse than others.  Here are perhaps the Top 5 Worst 'National Anthems' of All Time:

5-Aerosmith Steve Tyler has screwed up the National Anthem lots of time...lot.  But he just won't stop singing it.  This is him messing up the words at the 2012 AFC Championship Game.

4-Scott Stapp is the lead singer for the group 'Creed'.  Great voice...but you wouldn't really know it from this performance at the 2005 NASCAR Ford 400.

3-Michael Bolton is an amazing talent.  But apparently he prefers to right song lyrics on his hand rather than memorize them.  People don't like when you do that with the National Anthem.  At a Red Sox vs. Yankees baseball game in 2003 he did that and there was also some whacky echo plaguing his performance.  Ouch.

2-Actress (not singer) Roseanne Barr butchered the National Anthem at a San Diego Padres game in 1990.  She thought it would be fun.  Not so much.

1-Back in 2008 Kat DeLuna was an up and coming Pop singer from the Dominican Republic.  Then she did this at a Dallas Cowboys game.  Now she sings about her 'Bum, Bum'.  Maybe she should stick to just singing about her ample body parts.

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