Everyone knows that Sioux Falls and Rapid City are the two biggest cities in the Mount Rushmore State. But a number of cities throughout South Dakota are growing at a rapid pace.

Many of these communities have nearly doubled in population since the last census in 2010, including the top two on the list, which you can find right here in the Sioux Empire.

A recent study by HomeSnacks, focused on the most current census data for the state, and here's what they found.

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Here are the top 10 fastest growing cities in South Dakota:

  1. Harrisburg
  2. Tea
  3. Box Elder
  4. Brandon
  5. Sioux Falls
  6. Madison
  7. Rapid City
  8. Spearfish
  9. Brookings
  10. Aberdeen

If you live anywhere around Sioux Falls, these results probably aren't all that surprising. They are, however, a sign of just how healthy the economy is in our neck of the woods.

The city of Harrisburg has grown at an exponential rate in the past 10 years, and it shows no signs of slowing down any time in the near future. It has the advantage of being located a mere 8 miles from Sioux Falls, yet it is far enough away from the 'big city' that locals can relax a bit.

Tea is very similar. Again it's only a few miles from Sioux Falls but is far enough away to have its own, distinctive personality; Just ask anyone who's been to Teapot Days and you'll begin to understand!

For an in-depth look at the list and how Homesnacks came to these rankings, visit the article here.

Story Source: Homesnacks

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