We found our good friend Dan Collins just hanging around outside the radio station when I snapped this candid photo.  Dan is from Iowa.  Almost 'Nuff said.

I kid you not, this shot was taken where I work at Results Radio.  What are Dan and his pal looking at?  I don't know.  But, just after I snapped this pic our boss walked by.  He stopped, took in the view, turned, and just moved on.  Didn't say a word.

If your boss walked down the hall where you worked and one of your co-workers was standing there dressed in plaid, holding a partial 6-pack of Grain Belt, hugging a big buck, would he, maybe, inquire as to what might be going on?

Not here.  This kind of sh@# happens all the time.  I love my job!


Dan, Deer, & Beer
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