Tim McGraw wants his daughter Gracie to cut an album, and isn't shy about saying so. The country superstar says the 19-year-old is a great singer, influenced by Adele and Beyonce.

"She's a unique stylist, writer and singer," McGraw says when pressed on what type of artist Gracie is. The singer and actor was talking to E! News during a screening of The Shack, his latest movie. McGraw plays the best friend to the main character, as well as narrator.

"I think she should make an album," he adds, smiling. "I'm trying to talk her into it." Of course, McGraw convinced her to cut music for his album two years ago. The pair sing on "Here Tonight," a duet from Damn Country Music, and Papa McGraw even convinced his middle daughter to join him onstage at the Bridgestone Arena.

Alas, there are no firm plans for Gracie to cut something. It's not even clear she'd make a country album. McGraw's wife Faith Hill has mixed genres during her long career. She could do the same. When asked if he'd produce an album by his little girl, the 49-year-old smiles and says no.

"She's a better artist than I am a producer," McGraw says.

If you see The Shack, listen for a McGraw/Hill song called "Keep Your Eyes on Me." The couple have one of five country songs on the soundtrack. Sam Worthington and Octavia Spencer also star in the film, based on the best-selling book of the same name.

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