Absentee voting continues for the Sioux Falls School board election and in the coming days we’re featuring the candidates. Dimitrios Gliarmis says he sees achievements of the school board in certain areas.

What things are going well presently within the Sioux Falls Public School system?

"Honestly I'm very impressed by our diversity.  That's one of the things that we've really grown into a much more diverse community than we used to be when I was growing up in school, that's for sure.  I think that we test pretty well.  Our graduation rate is pretty good.  It can be better but I think it's pretty good."

What challenges does the school system face?

"Our multicultural students need just a little bit more help it seems as they have to deal with both language and curriculum, and sometimes when they're coming in at a little bit older age, that's a struggle because the language barrier is still there while they're trying to learn everything else that the students who have been here for years or who grew up in the States are going through."

What can you offer to the school board, students and their families if elected?

"I'm a business economic major so I do have a background of business and economics in terms of.  I would say my youth can be a bit of a disadvantage, but I'm also looking at it as an advantage. I'm a little bit more in touch in what's going on what our youth is going through and I'm a closer to that age than some of my opponents are."

Gliarmis graduated from SDSU in business economics.

The school board election is June 6, 2017.

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