The election for the next school board position with Sioux Falls public schools is June 6th.  We’re featuring the candidates. Carol Robinson is an educator and sees the strengths and successes in the school system.

What things are going well presently within the Sioux Falls Public School system?

“I think for the most part our students are getting a good education.  We have good quality teachers and it’s a great community to live in so we have a good school.”

What challenges does the school system face?

“One of the problems is the pay and the ability to get good quality teachers and keep them here and administrators because of the low pay scale in South Dakota.  I think the diversity of our students is a big challenge.  We need to make sure all of the students are properly placed so they can get the best education possible.”

What can you offer to the school board, students and their families if elected?

“I was a former teacher.  I have a bachelor’s in education, masters in math.  I’ve owned and operated a business, have a lot of technical skills in writing.  I have good communication skills and deal well talking with groups, individuals, with the board with community members, parents and teachers to make sure I understand the problems we have to address as a school board and integrate the input from those people into my experience and education and viewpoints to make the proper decision for the school board.”

Absentee voting is underway now.  On June 6th voting will take at polling stations, rather than designated precincts.


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