South Dakota has definitely had its fair share of cold cases, murder mysteries, and missing person reports that have never been solved. Here are some of the most chilling cold cases in the state's history.

Credit: Lordan Arts via YouTube
Credit: Lordan Arts via YouTube
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Pamella Jackson & Cheryl Miller: This case goes all the way back to 1971, when best friends, Jackson and Miller were out for a drive. The two tragically died when their Buick went off a gravel road and into a local creek, near Vermillion. However, the car wasn't even found until just a few years back.

The case even led to an arrest of a man over 35 years later, in which he was said to have confessed in prison to the murder of the two girls. But the case was later dropped when it was determined a fellow inmate faked the recorded confession.

Recently (after the discovery of the Buick) the state of South Dakota announced to the public that the case is now closed and the teens' death was accidental. But, there are still several questions that remain. Take a look at the video below.

Arnold Archambeau & Ruby Bruguier: This incident happened on a cold December of 1992 and was featured on the television program Unsolved Mysteries a number of years back.

Arnold, Ruby, and Ruby's cousin, Tracy were out for a joyride near Lake Andes, South Dakota. The three came to an intersection, proceeded through it, then the car flipped over in the ditch.

The peculiar thing about this case is that Tracy survived the crash and saw her cousin, Ruby leave the vehicle. When investigators showed up, Tracy was rescued, but both Arnold and Ruby were found dead, 75 feet away from the vehicle. You can watch the full episode in the video clip below.

Tina Marcotte: On June 24, 1994, Tina had called a friend for a ride after getting a flat tire after work. At the same time, a car pulled up to the payphone she was using. It was her coworker, Tom Keuter. Tina went missing after that, never to be heard from again.

Credit: YouTube, Scary Mysteries
Credit: YouTube, Scary Mysteries

When the friend questioned Keuter, he claimed he never saw Tina that night. But the strangest thing about this story is Tom Keuter was killed shortly after. He was run over by a forklift at work. Was it a suicide, accidental death, or homicide?

You can read more about this story here and also watch the video below from Scary Mysteries.


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