Let's face it, the price of owning a home in South Dakota has skyrocketed in recent years. With that in mind, many families are making the move to mobile/manufactured homes.

While there are plenty of spots to find mobile homes on the South Dakota map, only one city can claim the crown of 'Trailer Park Capital' of the Mount Rushmore State.

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According to the Mobile Home Village Website, there are currently 278 manufactured/mobile home parks scattered throughout the state of South Dakota.

Rapid City flood 1972

You might be thinking that the highest rate of mobile homes would be in South Dakota's biggest city, Sioux Falls, right? Well, that would be wrong. The city of Sioux Falls has 20 mobile home parks, including 3 showcase communities. That's good enough for second place in the state. However, it pales in comparison to the number one spot on the list.

Which South Dakota City is the Trailer Park Capital?

To find the 'Trailer Park Capital' of the Mount Rushmore State, head west on I-90 and make a stop in the seat of Pennington County, Rapid City. As it turns out Rapid City is number on the list by a rather significant margin. In the city limits alone there are currently 52 mobile home parks in operation.

To see the full list, and see how many mobile home parks are in your town, check out the study from MH Village.

Story Source: MH Village Website

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