I went to a small school. I mean a really small school. From Kindergarten through sixth grade, I went to a two-room school in Leota, Minnesota. And no, I didn't attend with the Ingalls family from 'Little House on the Prairie'. It wasn't that long ago!

We had six kids in my class. That was about the size of each class. Then they closed the school and we went to the big town, Edgerton, where I graduated with about 32 kids.

But even my small elementary school was huge compared to this one.

The Cozy Hollow School (love that name!) in Wyoming will have, beginning this fall, a grand total student enrollment of...one.

Gee, it's not going to take long to take roll call.

The school is located about 60 miles or so north of Laramie. I'm guessing that might be a remote part of the state. What they're going to do is re-open an isolated school that hasn't been used for a decade or so. Actually it's a modular classroom and there will be one kindergarten student attending beginning this fall.

Interesting thing is there's another one-student school in the district, and it's only a few miles away. Why not just combine them? Well, apparently the roads that connect the two are impassable for most of the winter. Well shoot, so that's not going to work.

The good news is the little tyke will get some good one-on-one learning. The bad news is, it's going to be tough to skip school without being noticed.

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