In western Iowa, you can find the most unusual kind of jail cell. And these days it serves as a fun attraction for the entire family to enjoy.

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Welcome to the Squirrel Cage Jailhouse in Council Bluffs, Iowa

Credit: Iowa Culture via YouTube
Credit: Iowa Culture via YouTube

The Squirrel Jail in Council Bluffs first opened in 1885 and served as the county jail for Pottawattamie County until 1969. Why is it so unique? Well, that would be the jail cell itself, as all three floors of it rotate in symmetry with each other.

According to Iowa Road Trip, you can put your kiddos inside and even close the jail door. However, you're not allowed to lock the cell.

Not only is it a fun experience for all, but chances are, you and your family will learn quite a bit while you're at the jail.

The Squirrel Cage Jailhouse is the world’s only three-story rotary jail and it offers visitors a fascinating glimpse into a bygone era of American history. This jailhouse, located in Council Bluffs, Iowa, was built in 1885 and operated until 1969. Today, the Squirrel Cage Jailhouse remains a popular tourist attraction and a valuable reminder of America’s evolving prison system.

-Iowa Road Trip Website

To learn more about the Squirrel Cage Jailhouse in Council Bluffs and to take a virtual tour of the jail cell, check out the YouTube video from Iowa Culture below. And to read more about its history, visit the article from Iowa Road Trip.

Story Source: Iowa Road Trip Website

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