As Glen Campbell continues his battle against Alzheimers disease, I've found myself thinking about his incredible career. From one of the nation's best and most sought after session guitarist's to touring as a (temporary) member of the legendary Beach Boys. I remember sitting in our little farmhouse by Leota, Minnesota and watching the 'Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour' each week on television. At the time I didn't realize Glen Campbell was a world class guitarist and one of the world's greatest entertainers. At that age, I just knew I liked him. And the songs he sang.

All these many years later, I've come to appreciate the fact that Glen Campbell is one of country music's greatest gifts. No, wait. No just country music, all music. And as someone who through the years has grown to especially love the great songwriters, I really admire a man named Jimmy Webb.

Who's Jimmy Webb?

Well, if you love the songs of Glen Campbell, you love the songs of Jimmy Webb. Just listen as the two chat and then Glen sings one of his great Jimmy Webb penned songs in a slightly different way than the hit version.

Jimmy Webb has been a phenomenal songwriter for decades, and not just for Glen Campbell. It doesn't matter what musical taste you have, country, rock, pop, easy listening. You may not know it, but you've song along to the words and music of Jimmy Webb.

But for me, it was that magic that Jimmy and Glen had together that goes beyond description. In an artistic sense, in a musical sense, these two were made for each other. Glen had hits with many songs written by other people. Jimmy wrote many hit songs that were sung by other people.

But for me, it's Campbell and Webb, Webb and Campbell. From Galveston to Wichita, from Phoenix to stardom, it's brilliant musical magic.

In the video below, we go behind the music of Glen Campbell, and thusly, we meet his greatest musical collaborator.

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