It's not often that a single song can spark craze in a product, but back in 1976, that's exactly what happened with C.W. McCall's giant crossover hit, Convoy.

Not only was the song a big hit on country music radio that year, but it also crossed over into pop music. The catchy chorus and fun use of the CB radio in the tune almost instantly made the public want to try it out themselves.

While the song was at the top of both the country and pop charts, sales of CB radios skyrocketed across the country. Before this, they were mainly used for truckers, police, military, and for other companies who used them for logistical purposes. That all changed after this song.

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Soon CB's would be a part of many people's daily lives. Families would bond over them, trying to see who they could contact, and from how far away. Schools had entire rooms and classes dedicated to them for years. Groups and clubs were even started with large numbers of enthusiastic individuals, looking to learn all they could about the CB radio.

The public's appetite for all things CB even spun off into a Hollywood movie in 1978. The film was titled, you guessed it, Convoy, and starred Kris Kristofferson.

And it all began with C.W. McCall and Convoy.

Below you can watch the original music video made for the song, which includes an actual convoy, of course! Also, attached is a clip from the movie, Convoy.

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