Anyone who loves camping is always ready for an adventure on the open roads to view the beauty of nature.  Getting paid $1,000 would just be a giant perk, am I right?

Thanks to, one lucky camper can get paid up to $1,000 to spend some starry nights in a U.S. National Park.  There is one catch...this trip is a totally technology-free weekend. This means you need to leave your cell phone, iPad, or laptop at home. is calling this trip the "digital detox."

If this camper can handle being in the wilderness without technology, not only will this individual win the $1,000, but also will be reimbursed if any sort of purchases were made during the trip.  For example, this winner must rent a camper or RV at their own expense.  One more detail that could be seen as a bit of a downer, any applicant must be 25-years-old or older and licensed to drive an RV.

Winning the $1,000 isn't even the best part in my opinion.  This camper can choose any U.S. National Park to camp at on any weekend of his or her choosing.  The winner gets to enjoy the great outdoors, except this person is not allowed to tweet, post photos, or even TikTok about the adventure until the third night. will allow this camper to go to a WIFI hotspot to document the experience on all social media platforms.

If you feel like this is the journey for you, applications are being accepted until September 23rd.  You can click here to submit the application.  The winner will be announced on September 30th.

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