Father's Day is already this Sunday the 21. And if you haven't gotten the dad in your life a gift and or don't know what to get him why not try spending some time with him this Father's Day instead?  I'm sure any one of these activities will make his Father's Day even better. I have taken these ideas from things my Dad, a South Dakota native, and I have done over the years that he remembers fondly.

  • When was the last time you and Dad played a little one-v-one game of soccer or hockey huh? Or even just had a chance to be competitive with one another over a board or card game?
  • Try and come up with new cereal combinations together. What Dad doesn't love eating cereal and putting the box back on the top of the refrigerator when they're done with it? Frosted Trix could be good. Or try making different grilled cheese sandwich combinations with all the different types of cheese you have in the fridge.
  • My Dad loved to play old video games when he was younger. We brought back out the old gaming system the other day and seeing the look on his face when I asked if we could play it together was priceless. If your Dad has a favorite movie or TV show watch it with him.Or if he likes video games play a level or two with him.
  • Take an interest in one of Dad's hobbies by offering to help him with one of his projects; whether it's going to the lumbar yard or putting the finishing coat on his latest masterpiece. The next time he looks at the project, he'll think of the time you spent working on it together.
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