My son is simply fascinated with Panda bears. It all started with a children's movie.

So I don't need to say anymore about what he's going to be this Halloween. Last year I went looking for a Panda costume, and no stores carried any. I special ordered one. And at 40 bucks, I removed my worries of what he was going to be next year. That's why last year the suit was much bigger than the child. At this price I planned ahead.

Do you have your Halloween costume picked out yet? If not, The National Retail Federation has released its 2012 Top Halloween Costume survey with the most popular costumes among children to help give you some ideas.

Top Children Costumes:

1)    Princess
2)    Batman
3)    Spiderman
4)    Witch
5)    Disney princess
6)    Action/super hero
7)    Pirate
8)    Vampire
9)    Zombie
10)  Ghost


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