It won't be long before students in South Dakota's largest school district will be stepping back into their classrooms.  And before those students can get to their classrooms, many have to board a big yellow school bus.  However, with a shortage of bus drivers, Sioux Falls students may find themselves boarding a school bus that has more kids than usual, due to the combining of bus routes.

Combining routes to make sure all students get to their classroom is just one option that may have to be taken, unless the open positions for school bus drivers can be filled before the first school bell rings.  The Sioux Falls School District is assuring parents that even if routes must be combined, the buses will not be over-loaded with students.

School Bus Inc., which operates bus routes for Sioux Falls, is in need of qualified people to drive for the upcoming school year.  Driving a school bus can be a great way to earn some extra money, work only a few hours a day and have your weekends off.  But this part-time job also has some requirements, which could end up costing you money before you start to make money.

Not only are school bus drivers required to have a Commercial Driver's License (CDL), pass a background check and a physical, but those applying are now required to pass a sleep apnea test.  The sleep apnea test looks at the applicants body mass index (BMI).  If the BMI of the applicant is under 35%, there is not a problem.  However, if the BMI is over 35%, the applicant will be required to take a more extensive sleep apnea test that can be quite expensive, or be asked to lose weight.

Kevin Hansen of School Bus Inc. is aware that it is already difficult to get people to apply for a school bus driver position.  But with the possible added cost of having to take an expensive sleep apnea test or finding the time to get a CDL, many are passing on a great part-time job.

Parents of students in the School Falls School District that will be using the school bus services shouldn't be worried, however.  Hansen says that the positions will get filled one way or another, and students will have a safe ride to and from their school.

If you or someone you know is interested in a great part-time job with School Bus Inc., call 605-334-6644.



Source: KSFY



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