The Treasury is a new cocktail bar in the lower level of The Hotel on Phillips. The hotel is still under construction, but The Treasury is open for business.

It is located in the old vault of the building and that motif is carried on in the decor. You can even still see safe deposit boxes.

The vibe is very retro. I got a 70's feel, but like a sophisticated 70's. I didn't see any shag carpeting. Take that, and mix it with a little roaring 20's speakeasy energy. If that is what they were going for, then they nailed it.

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Checking out @treasury_dtsf I approve of the ‘100 Phillips’ #hifromsd #dtsf #boomerang

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The Treasury is a fully stocked bar so you can get pretty much anything you want, but they also have a very interesting menu of signature cocktails. I opted to try the '100 Phillips' and it was amazing. It's gin, rose, cherry bitters, lemon, and sugar then it's garnished with a cherry in a champagne flute! I think it's my new favorite.

When a new place opens, I always like to check out the bathroom. I don't know why, I just think sometimes the way they decorate a bathroom is interesting. My favorite part of The Treasury's bathroom was before I even entered, they are unisex bathrooms and the sign read 'Whatever, just wash your hands.' And in case you were wondering, I did.

The bathrooms were pretty on the inside too!

Also, the service was great. Like any new thing in Sioux Falls, The Treasury was pretty busy, but we didn't have a problem ordering quickly and getting our drinks in a timely fashion.

Can't wait to go back. The only problem is, do I stick with the '100 Phillips' or try a different signature cocktail? Decisions, decisions.



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