Border crossings aren't always met with extravagant signs and monuments. Sometimes they barely register as a blip on the map. In fact, the tripoint border between Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wyoming is so hard to find, that most people have never even attempted to get there.

If you want to find this tripoint, get yourself a good map, and be prepared for some off-road driving.

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One of the Most Desolate Tripoint Borders in the U.S.

Highpointers Club Website
Highpointers Club Website

To say that finding this tripoint border is a bit of a challenge would be a massive understatement. It's located on private property and most people who try to find it end up getting extremely lost.

You'll likely have to ask some of the local residents how to get to the Three Corners Marker, as eventually, you'll need to go off-road to find it. Most adventurers looking for the marker find that the easiest way to access it is from the Jordan Ranch, on the Wyoming side.

One commenter on Google Maps had this to say:

Google maps shows roads on the Nebraska side that do not exist, so navigate there from the Wyoming side to the Jordan ranch. The actual point is enclosed in a fenced in area with a gate, with two survey markers next to each other (old and modern) and a plaque explaining the history of how this point was established. There is also a logbook that visitors to the tripoint can sign. Assuming all who visit sign the book, the point gets about one visit every week or two.

-Patrick Steury via Google Maps

You can find more details on how to find the Three Corners Tripoint on the HighPointers Club Website. And if you want an interactive way to access the tripoint, check out the YouTube video below.

Story Sources: Highpointers Club Website

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