In many ways, the year 1972 was the pop music year of 'America'.

'I Need You' and 'Ventura Highway' were both Top Ten pop hits for the band, but it was their debut single that had fans across the country and around the world singing along.

'Horse With No Name'.

The harmonies and acoustic guitars blended beautifully.  The song topped the pop chart and earned the band a Grammy as Best New Artist.

With those songs, as well as a number of other hits, if 'America' were releasing those songs today, they could well be making a significant dent in the Country Music charts.

Maybe it was timing, maybe they weren't quite country enough yet back in the 1970's.  But I'll bet a lot of people had albums by Merle haggard, Charley pride, Johnny Cash....and their collection.

The original lineup consisted of three guys. all with American dad's and British mom's.  They continued to have pop chart success into the 1980's.

The band continues to make music and tour around the world, albeit with a changed lineup.  Founding member Dan Peek passed away in 2011 at the age of 60.

But the band 'America' is still crossing the desert (and the world) on A Horse With No Name.

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