Traveling back from the east coast to the Midwest is becoming more and more ridiculous every time I have to make the trip.

Prior to my latest excursion, I have had delays or cancellations in my last three return trips from the east coast, with the one from Monday taking the cake as the most ridiculous journey home.

I had a wonderful time covering and attending the 2015 All Star Weekend in New York City.  Great entertainment, great talents and a great city.  But by Sunday at 1:00 PM, my flight on Monday had been cancelled and was told Wednesday would be the earliest option to return home to Sioux Falls.

Clearly, that wasn't going to work, considering my radio show obligations and a eight month pregnant wife at home as well.

(And by the way, none of these were ever answered, SOLID CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!)

My Monday started at 1:15 AM with a wake up call and by 1:35 AM I was in a cab to Penn Station in New York and by 3:00 AM I was on a train to Philadelphia.

From there a flight to Chicago and from there a flight to Omaha followed by a 2 hour and 30 minute drive back home to Sioux Falls for an afternoon return.

The ultimate kicker to it all is that my luggage didn't make it to Omaha and because Southwest Airlines doesn't fly to Sioux Falls, I get the wonderful opportunity to PAY for my luggage to be shipped from Omaha to Sioux Falls via Fed Ex.  Truly the cherry on top to a wonderful Monday.

So just to recap, went from my hotel in Queens to Manhattan to Trenton to Philadelphia to Chicago to Omaha to Sioux Falls.  Easy enough.

I'm thinking a little break my be a good idea for me and the east coast, mainly for my sanity.


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