These days, it's easier than ever to spell correctly (thanks autocorrect!). That being said, certain words are trickier than others to spell.

Google Trends recently released the most misspelled word in each state, and while some seem understandable, others are pretty head-scratching, including the Hawkeye State.

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What is Iowa's Most Misspelled Word?


First, let's look at some of Iowa's neighbors:

Where Is The Clearest Lake In All Of Minnesota?

Minnesota: Paparazzi

Credit: Braden Johnson via Google Maps
Credit: Braden Johnson via Google Maps

Nebraska: Beautiful

South Dakota Welcome Sign
Ben Davis

South Dakota: Beautifully

NFC Divisional Playoffs - San Francisco 49ers v Green Bay Packers
Getty Images

Wisconsin: Lose

And Finally, Iowa

Welcome to Iowa Sign
Getty Stock/ThinkStock

Iowa: Cousin

I mean, at least it's slightly harder to spell than Wisconsin's most misspelled word, right?

Some of the other states that jump out on this list are:

Alaska: Cheese

Georgia: Little

Kentucky: Again

Virginia: Prank

And my personal favorite?

West Virginia: West Virginia (How are you not able to spell your own state?)

According to the article, Google used a simple algorithm to find each state's most misspelled word.

Google Trends released an infographic that highlights the top spelling searches in each state, specifically looking at searches that began with "How do you spell...," and the results are amusing.

-Google Trends via Yahoo

To see the entire list, check out the map from Yahoo here.

Story Source: Google Trends via Yahoo

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It's a great day for Iowans. The first ever Major League Baseball game was played in Dyersville, Iowa last night (August 12) in The Field of Dreams game and it was awesome!

What a great way to showcase a beautiful state and celebrate the hospitality of Iowans.

Iowa may seem far away from Tinsel Town, but The Hawkeye State has produced many famous actors, musicians, and athletes!

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