Anyone who's driven through the Twin Cities knows how important it is to be a defensive driver. The possibility of getting into a car accident is almost a daily occurrence. That being said, sometimes the most dangerous intersections are located in the most unlikely places. And the most perilous intersection in the entire state might be one you've never even heard of.

According to Bad Intersections, a crowd-sourced survey was done to determine the worst intersections for accidents in all of Minnesota and the results are a bit surprising.

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Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

So, where is the most dangerous intersection in all of Minnesota? Surprisingly, it's the Highway 14/Minnesota 15 intersection just outside of New Ulm.

New Ulm is far away from the hustle and bustle of the Twin Cities, yet more accidents occur at this interchange than anywhere else.

Know Your Rights also lists the Highway 14/Minnesota 15 Intersection as the most dangerous in the state. But what about the most dangerous for pedestrians? Here are a few it says to look out for:

The most dangerous intersections in Minneapolis for pedestrians include:

  • Lake Street and Lyndale Avenue

  • Lake Street West at Blasdale Avenue

  • Cedar Avenue South at Cedar Avenue

  • 4th Street North at 1st Avenue

  • Hennepin Avenue South at Lagoon Avenue

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To read more about the most dangerous intersections in the state and what the local government is doing to address them, check out the article from Know Your Rights, here.

And to see where the most dangerous intersections are in all 50 states, see this article.

Story Source: Chicago Work Comp Website

Story Source: Know Your Rights Website

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