Dangerous gang activity might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Iowa, but the Hawkeye State has a long history of harboring some of the most notorious gangs in the entire Midwest.

The worst gang in Iowa has been investigated by the FBI numerous times and has a history of violent crimes and large drug deals on its record.

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Femanin recently made its list of the most dangerous gangs in each state. Here's what it had to say about Iowa:

C Block is a street gang operating mainly in the city of Des Moines in Iowa, well-known for its long history of drug dealing and violent crimes. C Block has been so dangerous that the FBI spent months investigating them before recent convictions, particularly of cocaine dealing. C Block is also known to be connected to another dangerous gang, the Crips.

-Femanin Website

Although numerous members of the notorious gang have been arrested in recent years, C-Block appears to still be alive and well in the Hawkeye State, as they are still committing crimes and recruiting new members.

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To learn about the most dangerous gangs in every state, check out the article from Femanin here.

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Story Source: Femanin Website, Des Moines Register Website

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