There aren't many legends really.

Oh, we throw names around, in areas like movies, TV, sports...and of course, here, in Country Music.

There are many greats in each of those area's, there are names that float to the top when you mention baseball, Hollywood, and Country Music.

But legend?  That should be left for a very, very precious few.

Paul Harvey is one.


Paul Harvey
You Tube Screen Image


If you were on the planet, upright and taking oxygen, in the 1960's, 1970's, 1980's...well, you probably heard the voice of Paul Harvey.  There was a day not all that long ago, when you could literally go 'up and down' the radio dial and if you bumped into 10 radio stations, 7 of them would have on Paul Harvey, or would in just a few minutes.

Walter Cronkite was called the 'Most Trusted Man In America'.  I wouldn't dispute that.  But with that ebing said, I would call Paul Harvey...

The Conscience Of America.

He had many memorable broadcast, too many to mention here.  And who didn't wait to see what couple got the roses today?  And, of course, we all hung on every word when Paul would tell us 'The Rest Of The Story'.

The broadcast below was first aired in the mid 1960's, and apparently was updated though the years.  This is what I would call 'prime' Paul Harvey'.

It's called 'If I Were The Devil'.


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