You may agree. You may disagree. But one thing appears certain. The Estelline Redmen will be the Redmen no more.

According to the Watertown Public Opinion, the Estelline South Dakota High School will be shedding its nickname for a new one. They'll also be having a new mascot.

School board officials say discussion on the change has be ongoing for a couple of decades. Apparently it picked up steam when the state High School Activities Association recommended schools phase out Native American imagery.

OK, so that decision has been made. Now what will our friends in the Estelline are call their 'new' team?

Well, there's six options.

1) Eagles 2) Express 3) Pioneers 4) Raptors 5) Red Hawks, and 6) Red Hornets.

Voting is going on now by students, alumni and patrons. We'll find out the new name on May 16.

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