On Saturday (March 25) there will be an Open Mic at the Woodgrain Brewing Co. on Phillips Avenue.

This Open Mic is put on by The Blot Collective, which describes themselves on their Facebook page as follows:

The Blot Collective is a non-profit artist collective in service to the spoken word.

We seek to bring together artists of various vocal mediums such as poetry, slam poetry, story telling, improv, rap, short plays, minimalist theater, informative talks and more.

Our collective is designed to help you as an artist reach your goals by providing all the support, assistance, and fundraising we can to make your project a success. We also look to reach out to our under-served and "under-heard" communities to collaborate and establish platforms of expression and communication. 

We are committed to community enrichment and education by holding classes, events, fundraisers, and outreach programs designed to help people express themselves through vocal means.

Which totally makes sense why they are hosting an Open Mic. The Open Mic is available for people to recite poetry, original or not, play music, rap, or even play the bongos. Just come and share your voice or come and enjoy watching and listening to the events of the evening.

A donation of $10 is suggested but otherwise it is come as your are.

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