There's an old saying that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Now, a lot of the 'old sayings' are, well, suspect. I recall as a kid on the farm all those decades ago the old fella's would say that on a hot day after a nice rain you could hear the corn grow. Yeah...I never heard it.

But at least some of the time that one about the apple and the tree are true. Those two photo's above might just be two pieces of proof.

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The one up there on the left was taken on Father's Day, 2021. That's my Grandson Lane with his pappy. They're doing some work on Lane's new truck, which is an old truck. But it's his. A brand new High School grad, Lane loves trucking, raising cattle, working on the farm, the land, the dirt. His daddy up there, he loves trucking, raising cattle, working on the farm, the land, the dirt.

That apple? That tree? Yep.

Now then, that picture up there on the right, that's a picture of a shirt my son got for Father's Day. And yes, my son's name is Jeremy and his two boys are Bennet and Ayden. My little boy (well, not so little anymore but always little to me) grew up loving baseball just like I did (do). I'm bettin' one of his warmest memories is when we flew up to Minneapolis and watched the Twins in the Metrodome. And guess what? His two boys absolutely love baseball. At 13 and 9, they love playing it, watching it, being involved in it. Will they play it for years? I'm not sure about that, but I'll be they'll love it for years.

That apple? That tree? Yessir.

Now truth-be-told, the apple/tree thing doesn't always work like magic. No. My dad held a bunch of different jobs...drove a rendering truck, dug wells, farmed some, drove a feed grinder, cut metal into scrap. And a few more things. Me? I never got the hankering for any of them. It was fine for him, not so much for me.

His tree was planted somewhere in the orchard, but my apple bounced off towards radio. But we were both happy in what we chose. And as long as those grandkids are happy in what they choose, they'll have one smiling grandpa.

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