Farmers throughout the country in some way have been affected by the global COVID-19 pandemic, especially South Dakota farmers.

The farmers in this state have shown their resilience over the last couple of years.  From tornadoes to harsh winters and flooding, South Dakotan farmers can't catch a break. But they hold their heads high and push through these hard times in order to feed the American people.  That's why it's important we recognize their hard work and dedication to put food on our tables.

At the Sioux Empire Fair, hundreds of farmers gathered inside the grandstand for a free lunch!  Volunteers from different organizations, media outlets, and businesses all chipped in to help serve meals and thank the farmers.  Local and state politicians also showed their support for the agriculture community including Mayor Paul TenHaken.  Giving farmers a meal my not seem like much, but farmers told me that sharing a meal with them is all the support they need.

A lot of farmers look forward to the luncheon to meet up with old friends.  It was fun to see everyone enjoying each other's company and singing along to the music.

Andy and I were some of the many volunteers at the event.  We were in charge of handing out water and soda.  No matter what station you were assigned, volunteers were required to wear a mask and gloves.  This practice was in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19.  By the time the shift ended, our hands were cold.  However, it was a great opportunity to help serve the farmers because they do so much for our country.

We loved meeting everyone who listens to our Morning Show on KXRB!  A huge thank you to The Meat Wagon for the delicious lunch!  Be on the lookout for a future post if you have not heard of the BBQ food truck.  It's so yummy!

Ag Appreciation Day gives someone a glimpse of what America looks like.  Andy and I were glad to be a small part of this day.

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