If you're worried the only exercise your teenager is going to get this summer, is lifting their smartphone or controller unit to their Xbox One X, thanks to the folks at Planet Fitness, it doesn't have to be that way.

KSFY TV is reporting this summer every Planet Fitness location, yes, even the one in Sioux Falls are giving teens ages 15 to 18 an opportunity to work out for free. It's all part of the Planet Fitness "Teen Summer Challenge" that runs May 15 through September 1 nationwide.

The program is designed to help prevent our teens from becoming couch potatoes over the summer months by staying active when sports programs, gym classes, and after- school activities wind down or in some cases come to an end.

According to KSFY, parents with teenagers under the age of (18) must accompany their child to Planet Fitness to sign up. Once the waiver form is signed, the teen can work out alone.

There is one other stipulation, teens, can only work out at the Planet Fitness location where they signed up. Other than that, your teenager can get toned and stay in shape for free this summer courtesy of Planet Fitness at no cost to the parent!

Source: KSFY TV

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