The South Dakota Ag in the Classroom (SDAITC) Teacher Tour is this week for teachers as a continued educational tool that will benefit not only the teachers but their students.

A Day on the Farm will be held this Thursday, June 21 with a stop at four locations.

Being showcased at the tour is the innovative, digital and interactive 4th grade SDAITC curriculum called the SD Road Trip. This state-wide program, compliant with SD education standards, engages students in lessons, activities, games, and online farm video tours to enhance South Dakota agriculture literacy, awareness, and appreciation.

First up the tour will meet at Falls Overlook Cafe and be bused to the Jeff Thompson farm near Colton, South Dakota.  Stop number two is Boadwine Farms of Baltic, South Dakota. Then it's off to Hefty Seeds in Baltic.

Returning to Sioux Falls lunch is at the Falls Overlook Café sponsored by the South Dakota Soybean Research and Promotion Council.

Finally the tour wraps up with a trip to the Stockyards Ag Experience Museum.

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