Employees at a business in Tea are picking up the pieces after fire tore through their building. It happened early Monday morning.

Tea firefighters were called in at around 2:45 a.m. for a fire at IMED Mobility. The business, which sells and rents wheelchair vans, is just minutes from the fire station.

More than 50 firefighters from Tea, Harrisburg and Sioux Falls were on the scene. And First Assistant Fire Chief Steve Oberle with the Tea Fire Department says putting out the three foot flames was not an easy job.

“We’re constantly flowing water so the ground is getting water flown out of the structure and the surrounding areas begin to be like an ice skating rink,” said Chief Oberle. “So the guys are having to slow down because they need to get good footholds."

But after 40 minutes and thousands of gallons of water later, crews were able to put the fire out.

After much investigation, officials determined an electrical surge in an unused office is to blame. There’s no official damage estimate yet. But employees say IMED Mobility will have to be rebuilt.

To find out what IMED Mobility Sales Manager James Tuohino says about how the company will stay in business, read London Swan's complete story.

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