The year was 1985.  A new (at least to me) bluesy soulful voice arrived in Country Music.

The song was 'I Tell It Like It Used To Be'.  Who is this guy??


T. Graham Brown
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Well, that guy was (and still is) T. Graham Brown.  And he went on to have a bunch of Top Ten country hits, song's you and I loved like 'Hell and High Water', 'Darlene', 'Don't Go To Strangers' and 'Wine Into Water'.



But....we haven't heard that unique voice and artistry of T. Graham Brown in quite a few years.  Hmmm....I wonder whatever happened to T.?

Well, wonder no more!  T. is releasing a new Country/Gospel album, and the lead single features T. with country music Hall of Famer Vince Gill.  The song is 'He'll Take Care Of You'.  Listen, enjoy, and welcome great new music from the great T. Graham Brown!


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