Sioux Falls says goodbye to one of the icons of the city.  Sylvia Henkin, originally from Sheldon Iowa, died Monday afternoon (April 30).  She lived in Sioux Falls for decades, establishing the city as her home.  After wanting to meet this woman for years, I had one opportunity to meet her in October of 2016, having a delightful conversation, recording an interview and snapping a photo.

Known for her radio program and eventual ownership of KSOO Radio and KSOO TV (now KSFY TV) Henkin developed a reputation of a kind, yet firm business woman.

Sylvia met Sioux Falls businessman Joe Henkin while on a tour of KSOO radio.  Although she planned to drive her green Pontiac back home in time for dinner at her parents home where she still lived, Joe asked her to stay for dinner at the Henkin household, and meet his son Mort.  Henkin recalls a dapper man arriving at his father's business, a dinner "and from then on the wildest romance you've ever heard of."

Sylvia was a trailblazer, showing women of the day they could balance work and family.  Because of her leadership there are many women in Sioux Falls who enjoy the acceptance in the workplace that she earned and demonstrated to the business community decades ago.

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