For those of you who take part in 'Super Bowl Sunday', I have some questions. And no 'Googling' now, I want you to totally work out of your head on these. Ready? Here we go!

Do you remember the teams in last year's game? Can you tell me the final score? Who won for heaven's sake? What was the play of the game? Who was the MVP?

If you answered any of these, you're good. If you answered all of them, I realize now that you are the ultimate football fan.

But, not all of you are and you don't have to be to enjoy the big day. My wife is living proof that you don't even have to know how the game is played to have a fun Super Bowl party.

With this said, now the question that I have been leading up to. Can you remember a Super Bowl commercial from any year? I gotcha' didn't I? I know your answer is yes.

And that's why big companies pay unbelievable money for these. I have learned that CBS has sold some commercial time in the upcoming Super Bowl for $4 million a spot. That's for 30 seconds!

I did some research and found a great collection of Super Bowl commercials for you to enjoy. Share this with your friends, they'll love it too!

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