When you arrive at the party this Sunday for the big game do everyone a favor and hand over the keys to your host if you'll be drinking. Let them know you will need a ride home or that someone will be coming by to pick you up.

According to AAA South Dakota “You can be your Super Bowl party’s MVP by volunteering to be a designated driver to help your family and friends get home safely,” said Marilyn Buskohl, AAA South Dakota spokesperson. A good host will call a taxi or a ride share service like Lyft.

In a release by the Minnehaha County Highway Department if you’re planning on being the designated driver, refrain from drinking alcohol—it’s that simple. People are relying on you. While at the party, enjoy the food, the company, and non-alcoholic drinks. If someone you know has been drinking and tries to drive, take their keys and help them get home safely. Even if they make a fuss in the moment, they’ll thank you later.

AAA encourages visitors to Take the Pledge to drive drug and alcohol-free.

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