Now that things are 'normal-ish,' people are shedding their athleisure wear, hopping in the shower, and brushing those teeth in an effort to be presentable again.

At the beginning of the pandemic, toilet paper and cleaning supplies were flying off the shelves while no one was buying pants. However, today, toilet paper sales are down 18.3%.

Buying habits are definitely different now.

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Walmart reported that alarm clocks are in high demand. They reported selling more alarm clocks last month than in the same month last year. I'm sure getting back to work means people have a set schedule once again, but I assumed everybody used the alarm on their phones. Interesting.

Other products trending up are luggage, personal hygiene stuff, and party supplies.

Luggage purchases are up 400% from last year. Travel-related products are all selling well right now. Tiny toothpaste is all the rage.

Speaking of toothpaste, teeth whitening strips, deodorant, and beauty products are all trending up. The beginning of Summer paired with restrictions dropping has to lead to razor and hair removal product sales soaring for both men and women.

Also, people are ready to celebrate. Party supplies have more than doubled in sales and balloon sales are up 50%.

New actual real clothes, especially warm weather clothes, are up 60% from last year.

Lastly, but not surprisingly, condoms and other sexy time products have had increased sales as well. Up at least 32%! I actually find this very encouraging. At least people are being safe.

Be safe and make good choices!

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