South Dakota supposedly ranks in the middle of the pack when it comes to patriotism.

Come on! How can that be? After all, we're the home of one of the biggest shrines of democracy in the nation, Mount Rushmore!

If you happen to stock ANY credence in a study recently conducted by WalletHub, it shows we South Dakotans rank 20th in the nation when it comes to pride in our country.

What's really funny, back in 2011, Rapid City, SD made another list that said they were the most patriotic city in America!  That study, conducted by the folks at Rand McNally, rated the best small towns in America.

The WalletHub study was compiled by using metrics like; voting habits, military engagement, number of veterans per capita and volunteer rates.

While South Dakota shows up as just average, states like Virginia, Alaska and South Carolina were deemed to be the most patriotic.

The people of New Jersey, who stand in the shadow of Lady Liberty herself, sound like they barely fly the flag on national holidays. The state known for liberty and prosperity came in dead last when it comes to patriotism.

Somehow I think the residents of New Jersey might refute that claim, just as much as we South Dakotans don't want to be classified as barely "average."

Source: KOTA Territory News

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