The greatest thing in my life is being married to my wife. It gave us our son and it gives us a life together.

Something to live for everyday, that's what a relationship is really about. But, like anything in this world, you can't just keep taking out without putting back in.

Never take your relationship for granted. That is a big mistake that people can easily let themselves make without even realizing they are doing it.

This world is so demanding. It can take our focus away from the relationship as well as totally drain us of energy to even think of our partner sometimes.

We are tired and don't think clearly and may even have a short temper when we shouldn't. And we just don't have any time.

Well, it's time we make time! Make time for the most important thing in your life.

Love is perhaps our most powerful emotion, and the need to be in a loving relationship may be one of the strongest needs we have. When our hearts are filled with love, we feel profoundly content and satisfied. It connects us with the world at large.

I would offer these suggestions:

5 Ways To Strengthen Your Relationship

  1. Be friends
  2. Stay connected
  3. Get physically intimate
  4. Celebrate each other
  5. Fight well (since disagreements are inevitable, keep it real short and calm)