There's a bit of a mystery brewing at my house with the discovery of an unknown woman opening the front gate, entering our yard and leaving two perplexing items at our front door.

After a late lunch with co-workers, I went home and found an interesting item leaning against my front door. Looking closer, I spied the can of water putty, which looks to be something that's been around for a decade or two.  As the second item slid out of the bag, I thought surely it was a random box that wouldn't match the contents inside, but I was wrong. The Johnson and Johnson box of plaster strips to make a cast was indeed the same inside.

The mystery of the woman and the two random items is a curious thing.  Was it someone who knew I had plaster walls and an old house who thought these items would be helpful?  Could it be someone who had the wrong address and the true recipient is wondering why their care package has not been dropped off?  Was the woman returning items she borrowed from the previous owner who used to be a nurse and happened to have plaster casting strips in this house?  The whole situation is intriguing, not creepy.  When we figure it out, I'm sure everyone will have a good laugh.  In the meantime, if you do happen to have any idea about the mystery woman or the two vintage items left for me, I'd appreciate your input!

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