My family and I vacation every winter in Maui, Hawaii. There have been several shark attacks around Hawaii's islands this year including a death.

Therefore I am going to stay out of the water. If a shark wants me, he will have to come onto my turf. that turf being the sand on the beach.

Here's a story of a man who should have been on his turf, which for this guy would have been a boxing ring. Instead of facing his opponent in the squared circle, he took him on in water. When your opposition is a shark, he has the edge off shore.

At that point you must land some punches. A 25-year-old Hawaii surfer and former boxer, Jeff Horton, was surfing Sunday morning with about 10 others near Kilauea off the island of Kauai.

The details of the story were reported in The Garden Island. Horton was sitting on his surfboard with his legs dangling in the water when he spotted a dark shape approaching from the left.

He pulled his left leg out of the water and the shark got a mouth full of surfboard. The impact knocked Horton off the board. He rolled onto the shark and grabbed a fin.

On top of the shark, holding on with one hand, he began punching as hard as he could with his other fist. He estimated he landed eight blows.

When his knuckled jammed into the shark's eye, the shark spit out the board and retreated. Horton quickly made it in to the shore paddling on his surf board with a chuck bit out of it.

Horton's only injuries were scratches from the shark's rough skin. After reaching shore safely he was handed $50 and told to go buy a bottle. He went surfing again on Monday, but at a different area.

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