If there ever was a song from a movie soundtrack that told the story of the film in just a few verses, it was "Eastbound and Down" for the movie Smokey and the Bandit.

The song told the story of hauling illegal beer across state lines, and worse yet, extremely breaking the speed limits in the process.

The movie was a box office smash in 1977. The song would become a signature song for a Country Music Hall of Fame member.

Jerry Reed not only co-wrote the song with Dick Feller, but he also recorded it. Plus he was one of the main actors in the show itself.

It was a different era for sure, considering back then you could get the song on either vinyl, cassette or 8-track. For you younger folks, I'll let your dad tell you what an 8-track was.

The song features Reed on the lead vocal and vocalist Gordon Stoker of the Jordanaires on the harmony. The song spent sixteen weeks on the U.S. country music charts, reaching a peak of #2.

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