Her name is Eilleen Edwards, she came from Canada, and she pursued country music as a career. That is the oversimplified description of the lady of this story.

Let me step it up a bit. She went by the name Shania Twain and sold over 90 million records. She is the best selling female artist in country music history.

We are going to showcase her first ever number one hit song. Her second album, The Woman In Me, which sold 20 million copies, produced the first chart topping single, "Any Man of Mine".

Twain co-wrote the song with Robert John "Mutt" Lange, who she was married to at the time. Lange has produced many of history's greatest rock albums.

The song was released in April of 1995. It would reach number one by July and stay there for two weeks. It would also become Shania's first crossover hit.

As far as the critics, Larry Flick of Billboard wrote,

Twain aims right for the dance clubs with this hi-tech hoedown. The lyrics are dance floor dumb, but the song is undeniably catchy. Besides, any song that borrows a vocal hook from the Three Stooges can't be all bad.

The song won my awards in the U.S., Canada and Europe. It was nominated for two Grammy Awards in 1996.

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