Andy spent the weekend at one of Minnesota's many lakes and all he got was a bunch of bug bites!

He was complaining about how nothing seemed to help. He's tried lotions and sprays and all kinds of stuff.

That's when we started getting a bunch of listeners texting in with their bug bite remedies.

Some of the suggestions I had heard of before and others were totally new to me.

Now keep in mind these are all suggestions sent in from listeners. I have no idea if these actually work, but I suppose when you can't stop itching, anything is worth a try.

  • I ALWAYS x them with a fingernail. I cant believe u guys havent grown up doing this! You have to dig the tip in though and leave at a decent crease in your skin. You can't drag because that just aggravates the itch. I swear I have one of those blood types where they flock to me first
  • Put orajel on it as soon as you notice it!
  •  Try essential oils
  •  I know this sounds weird but make an x with your nail on the bite then put peppermint chapstick on it.
  •  The best remedy i have used is baking soda with water paste!
  • Put clear fingernail polish over the big bites
  • Try toothpaste or vaporub You could also try rubbing alcohol. It burns but it works
  • Put a spoon under hot hot water when the spoon gets warm apply the curved end to the bug bite
  • Put deodorant on the bug bite

What is your bug bite itch relief?

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