Rock & Roller Steve Tyler, the front man from the band Aerosmith is doin' hisself some cuntry musik!

Steve Tyler was born 'Steven Victor Tallarico' in 1948 at a Hospital in Manhattan, New York, and then moved to the Bronx.  Real county roots.

Apparently Tyler has signed with a new record label and those brainiacs have talked Steve into taking is painted nails and bejeweled Levis for a walk in the country.

In his debut country video titled 'Love Is Your Name', Tyler seems to masterfully meld gypsies, banjo's, a racoon, and a some of grandma's good 'ol cross stitching on a Burr Oak all while he dreams of a girl old enough to be his granddaughter.  All the ingredients needed for a true 'country' song.

Here it is!  What do ya think?  Should Steve Tyler quit his day job?

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